Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding.

We know that you (our friends and families) have a perfect item for us as a gift and we are excited about them. However, we are more excited to have you take part in our home renovation projects. This is one of the goals we wish to accomplish as a newly-wed couple.

Personal gift items to us on the wedding day would still be appreciated, however, please consider the challenges of transporting large gift items from our wedding venue in Toronto to our home in Edmonton.

Also, we have chosen this website because it is safe and secure and very convenient for credit or debit card processing. You also have the option of bringing money (cash or cheque payable to Oluwaseun Adedeji) in an envelope on the wedding day or using our autodeposit (no password required) interac email, for e-transfers.

We look forward to receiving your wonderful gifts so please go ahead and click the REGISTRY TAB (on the left).

Please know that what we desire most are not your presents but your presence and prayers. Feel free to use the GUEST BOOK TAB (also on the left) to leave your wishes, thoughts, and prayers

God bless you and we look forward to seeing you at our wedding!

Love from Seun and Dupe

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